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Wednesday, May 05, 2010tee

if there was one thing i learned from hitting rock bottom was it doesn't have to be that way.

no more beating around the bush. no more subtle or not-so-subtle hints.

you can stand in the corner and sulk, or you can confront it face on.

all it takes is a little honesty and you'll be surprised at the results. you have to say everything out, that's the secret. yes, it means exposing yourself. sharing a piece of you out in the open - your fears, your hopes, your expectations. and yes, it makes you vulnerable. BUT it also makes you REAL.

one reason we tend to bottle everything up is the fear that what people will perceive us afterwards. what if i'm not supposed to feel or think this way? what if what i'll say is just too silly? maybe it is. maybe it isn't. truth is, some people wouldn't actually mind or give it a second thought. but you'll never know if you just keep it to yourself. feelings are not wrong, but what we do because of them.

once you let it out, you'll see the results almost immediately. no more negativism - of thoughts running in your head, or ill feelings haunting you. figuratively, it would feel like a huge weight was taken off.

sometimes it's just easier to say YES when we want to say NO. to fake a smile when you're not really wanting to smile in the first place. to let things be when you're not really comfortable in the first place. at times, it's easier to conform than go against the tides. but each and everytime, you'll be left with unresolved feelings and it will get tucked in somewhere inside you, waiting for the perfect timing to leer at you.

you don't want things to pile up, of bad cycles repeating over and over again. and the resentment bug to let out it's ugly head when you've had your fill, bringing out unresolved feelings and thoughts along with it.

by then it would just be a tad too late.

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