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Corbin and Mammoth Cave, KY

Wednesday, May 12, 2010tee


Corbin, KY a visit and dinner at the first kfc store. where finger lickin good began.


Mammoth Cave, KY

as the name suggests, it was a mammothly breath-taking experience and place.

we arrived early because we didn't know the Mammoth Cave was CST, which was an hour later than Lexington time. the extra hour was then spent walking around the national park where we saw deers roaming freely at close range. i was so happy to see hints of green by the grass, and i felt blessed to feel sunshine that day. but don't let the pictures fool you, it was still so chilling cold that day!

we took the introduction to caving tour, which lasted for approximately an hour. it was the "least challenging" of all tours (they offer tours where you have to walk in lanterns or crawl your way in the cave.) with miles and miles of cave, you can do just about anything!

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