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Music Capital, Nashville, TN

Thursday, May 13, 2010tee

Nashville, TN

this was a spur of the moment thing. after canceled plans for NY and CHICAGO, i almost gave up hope and thought i'll just spend my last weekend in the US at the hotel, while the snow pours and pours.

good thing that with optimism, the weather soon cooperated. since it was too late for a long drive, we opted to go to Nashville instead.

it was a day of pictures, of Starbucks' visits, architectural wonders, and would you believe, my first ever night out during the trip?

Nashville may not be the first choice, but it was one of the memorable places I've been to during my trip. i enjoyed the people, the sights and places, and the lights and sounds! definitely, Nashville wasn't called
The Music Capital for nothing!

AT&T building. Sommet building. Downtown. The Parthenon.

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