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Tuesday, June 29, 2010tee

ever since the koreans started coming in, i've been mistaken more than once, more than twice for a korean. i always end up with a puzzled look in the end and shrug it off as a mistake on the part of the strangers. or just banter among friends.

the same goes for the bf. like me, he's been spoken to, and asked more than once, if he's korean. this bugs him since according to him, there are more chinese than korean in the city (or country, for that matter).

until we approached someone who knows us, and may i add, pretty well. we were surprised when she spoke to us in english. twice. it was later, after all of us recovered from the initial shock that she was not seeing us, but a korean couple.

uh-oh. coming from someone who knows us. and that was, the icing on the proverbial cake.
i suppose our new hairstyles didn't help our case too.

so are we really...? you be the judge.

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