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Tuesday, June 08, 2010tee

i've read somewhere that it's best to keep a list of 100 things to do before you die and knock of a few items each year. i think i have this tweeted before 2010 struck.

anyhow, it says it'll work instead of new year

yes i know it's not exactly a new year now, but i've just completed my list.

i want to live my life with no regrets. you only go this road once, so
better make the most of this.

so here goes.

1. visit all the seven wonders of the world. (taj mahal, down.)

2. run to the top of the statue of liberty.

3. go on a trip to europe.
(2011 update: europe, down!)
4. see the pyramids. (does the pyramid @ memphis count? LOL)

5. visit all of the 7 continents. (asia, north america, done, 2011 update: europe, done!, 2013 update: australia, done!)

6. go tour in a non-english speaking country, with no tourguides (goodluck)!

7. swim with dolphins/whales.

8. ride on top of an elephant.

9. go dolphin/whale watching. (dolphin watching, done)

10. feed dolphins.

11. join a safari.

12. tame a white tiger.

13. ice skate. (once, in MOA)

14. climb a mountain.

15. sky diving!

16. swim with sea turtles (this can be done in Apo Island, Dumaguete)

17. experience diving!

18. bungee jumping!

19. ride a rollercoaster with my hands up and my eyes wide open. (check!)

20. zip line! (once in CDO, twice in bohol)

21. white water rafting. (once in CDO)

22. shower in a waterfall.

23. go up in a hot air balloon.

24. finish another huge cross stitch pattern (preferably angel).

25. make snow angels and snow balls. (snow balls, done)

26. witness the colors of autumn and the magic of spring.
(2011 update: autumn in europe, done!)
27. go skiing.

28. work and live in a foreign country. (3 weeks in india. 5 weeks in the
States, 2.5 months in Europe).
29. be part of an audience of a TV show.

30. go parasailing.

31. understand all the stock market mumbo-jumbo and invest in stocks.

32. earn and make my first million.

33. quit my job and have my own business.

34. learn a new craft.

35. learn to drive. for real.

36. learn how to apply "professional-looking" makeup.
(2012 update: makeup lessons, done!)
37. have a drastic make over.

38. have my hair permed. (thrice - when i was a kid, and in 2007, 2010, and 2013. another go maybe next time, who knows.
39. master a new hobby. (am starting with photography now)

40. play a musical instrument. (piano?)

41. learn a sport. (err, badminton?)

42. ride an ATV.

43. go horseback-riding. (done, in grade school)

44. take swimming lessons. PROPERLY swim.

45. live healthily.

46. tutor, teach or mentor a child for free.

47. learn to cook and bake on my own. (cooking - getting there.)

48. see an f1 race live.
(2012 update: F1 Singapore Grand Prix, check!)
49. finish reading at least 10 books a year.
(2013, check!)
50. give to charity. anonymously.

51. help send an unfortunate child to school.

52. read the bible from page to page.

53. collect all 50 of US quarter coins (done)

54. see a blue moon. (once, in high school).

55. see a meteor shower.

56. witness an eclipse. (partial eclipses, yes).

57. identify at least 5 constellations.

58. inhale helium and start singing.

59. have my portrait painted.

60. have my own portfolio taken. and it's not just the pre-nup type! (aspiring
frustrated model, sorry :>)
61. have my writing published. (done, schoolpaper and newspaper in grade/high
school. and does blogging count?).
62. learn to speak a foreign language.

63. learn to say "i love you", "hello", "goodbye" in different languages.

64. learn to say "sorry, i don't understand. i speak english only" in different
languages. this will come handy someday.
65. wear a silly outfit on halloween's day.

66. witness (or join?) a cosplay. even just once.

67. spend christmas or new year's in an exotic location.

68. sleep under the stars.

69. plant a tree.

70. join a marathon.
(2012 update: Jurong 2012 Lake Run, done! 2013: Nike Run, check!)
71. run for a cause.

72. donate blood.

73. learn how to bike. or at least, balance myself on a bike for a minute.

74. go fishing. (does fish pond fishing count?)

75. clear out my closet and give to the less fortunate.

76. have my picture taken with my hero/heroine/idol.

77. learn a dance. properly.

78. speak in public, with a microphone. (speech, in kindergarten?)

79. grow my own garden. with my history of not having a green thumb, this maybe tricky.
80. scuba diving!
81. take cool underwater pictures while doing #80.
82. attend some sort of festival. (Sinulog does count, right?)
83. take walks after dinner at least 3x a week.
84. make homemade ice cream. with fresh fruits, yum!
85. attend a live concert. (2012 update: Jason Mraz, Train, Katy Perry and Maroon 5!)
85. learn a floral arrangement.
87. join a medical mission.
88. finish a paper craft. (i had my way around paper maches, and cubee crafts but what i have in mind is the tulip/rose bouquet).
89. "invent" my own recipe. that would be my contribution to the gastronomic world.
90. be part of a ministry in the local church.
91. learn how to fly a plane.
92. get lost in a theme park for a day and try all the available rides!
93. compose a song.
my ever after - fall in love (check), grow in love (check), stay in love (fingers crossed).
95. get married. to my soulmate. :D (2012 update: getting married at the end of the year! 2013 update: we did it!!! :D )
96. have kids of my own. i even have the names picked out already, shh.
97. carry my grand children in my arms. (prerequisites: marriage, and kids of my own).
98. if i'll be really, really blessed, carry my great-grandchildren.
99. build my very own house.

100. send my parents off to their second honeymoon.

"and in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. it's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

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2 scribble(s)

  1. no.46 - heheheh, volunteer among baby jaiden heheheh
    no.75 - am willing to accept as the unfortunate :) nice mn gud imng mga dresses hehehhe

    nice bucket list :D

  2. funny man ka ate gem! :)
    sure ka ako imong patudluon ni jaiden? :D basin puro binuang akong mateach ana niya? LOL. :D

    do you have a blog sad? share, share! :)


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