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Saturday, June 05, 2010tee

cute thing happened last night. we were out for dinner with the bf's high school classmates. this cute little kid, around 5, was playing with his psp and was sitting in front of me. when i tried to talk to him he hides his face and shyly smiles! his tita and tito kept teasing he does that when he's around girls he like. oh... ok, so he had a little crush!

i tried to entertain him by making faces and smiling at him. after dinner he rounded me up and said hi and even shook my hands. come later, he was running around, stealing kisses from my cheek! ok, already picking up ladies at a young age. training really do start young, huh? :)

the bf was oblivious to all of this. he was either eating, talking to someone else or out. after a while, the bf, i guess, due to habit, drew closer to me.

it didn't escape the little tyke. he was playing at that time, and paused and asked him without concealing his curiosity, "is she your girlfriend?"

without missing a beat and thinking about it, the bf answered the answer he only knew. "yes".

little boy smacked his head, disappointed and said "oh no!!!"

he didn't smile or make pa-cute afterwards. he pushed around some chairs and hid at the corner.

when it was time to go, he gave the bf the sternest and "i'm-mad-at-you" look he could ever muster. and for the last time, perhaps as an afterthought, gave me a small, shy, pa-cute smile.

uh-oh. i think i gave a kid his first heart break. :D

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2 scribble(s)

  1. Yikes, tee. Breaking young boys' hearts. How mean. :(

  2. nah, by now, naka get over na toh xa. :P


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