life lessons

the long climb up

Wednesday, July 28, 2010tee

you're on your way to the top. you feel invulnerable, at the top of your game. you feel unstoppable. nothing, absolutely nothing and no one can ever hinder or harm you.

on and on and on you go.

until you come face to face with a roadblock. and then, unexpectedly you slipped. something just stopped your progress and momentum.

you lost your grip. you became unsure of yourself and what you're capable of. and because of that split-second doubt and halt, everything falls into disarray. before you know it, it quickly happens. you find yourself, slipping. slipping. slipping and going down. you notice yourself going lower and lower.

screech, you halt yourself. you definitely do not want to go pit bottom again, but if you don't stop yourself, you'll slip and eventually find yourself back in that abyss.

you gain your composure. took a long, deep breath.

now, what next?
you've got no other choice but to climb the way back up again.

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