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Tuesday, July 27, 2010tee

i miss the good old days when the highlight of the afternoon is for everybody to round up on a common goal: to bully and unceasingly tease M.

when everything was hectic but we all made it through the stressful OT nights and weekends. when we still manage to laugh, smile and be positive when everything else - the projects, the deliverables, the bugs were so larger than life.

when you have to be on the watch when you return to your cube for fear that someone may lurk from under the desk, ready to grab your feet.
or when we ran freely by the cubes and the lobby, racing in our chairs, or tagging each other.

when going home was always a treat with K around, with her boisterous laughter and animated conversations (plus the unintended bloopers) giving color to the ride home.

when losing a prized possession was an everyday thing, it was "borrowed" and "hidden" and you're supposed to seek for the item around the team's area, complete with clues.

when wednesdays were special days. we always had something up in our sleeves on wednesdays. there was a time when everyone wore PINK, or the days we stuck walking around in neckties.

when 3PM was a ritual by itself. as if we had a synchronized invisible clock alarming to tell us to gather up at the common area. it was a time for snacks, story telling, charades or basketball.

when a visit to N's cube usually ends up in admiring the art in his overhead shelf. only to find out it was shaped bubblegum. gross.

oh, those were the days! and how the years has passed by.

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