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Friday, August 13, 2010tee

blame it on being a girl, or whatever, but most of the time, decisions don't breeze by off my mind. i envy people who assert themselves and make decisions easily, i'm not, most of the time, one of them.

it takes sometimes the longest time to decide. be it the littlest things like where to eat (ask the bf and the girlfriends and they'll give you signs of agreement on this), what to do, or life-changing matters like what course to take.

i guess it's about not being able to know what i want.
or maybe, it's just being OK with either choice A or B, especially if it's non-threatening and non-life-changing like what to eat. but when i know what i want and have made up my mind, i can make a decision in less than a split-second, no turning back!

but it doesn't always happen that way. i tend to overanalyze, weigh the pros and cons, and when i thought i've settled on a choice, something sways my mind to yield on the other option!

sometimes i wish the decisions and choices I have to make will arrive in a hefty, silver platter. but most of the time, i have to do it all myself.
and it isn't exactly a bed of roses when you're in a bout of chronic indecisiveness.

worse part about making up my mind? is when i thought i have made up my mind, then it changes all over again...

oh, if only i wasn't that fickle minded!

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