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Wednesday, August 11, 2010tee

it's okay to...
* admit you're not perfect. and you do not have the answers to everything. nor do you know everything there is to know.

* say you don't know when you really don't know. pretension will only get you nowhere.

* indulge in a food binge in a while. my guilt trip would always be sweets. oh chocolates, you're going to be the death of me.

* talk to yourself. (it's called thinking out loud.)

* sleep in during some of the lazy days. curl up in bed and have a series marathon all day long.
* want to go to sleep with your baggy shirt on. nothing, and i say nothing, could replace comfort.
* have the same song playing on repeat.

* stare and openly ogle at pretty girls. lucky for us, it's called appreciation and admiration. :>
* say NO. aside from saying NO to the obvious (read: drugs and the like), we should really learn to say the two letter word to unreasonable demands like tasks and responsibilities which we know we cannot meet or will have negative effects on us in the end (read: stress, health issues). it's called pushing back.
* be brutally honest in saying what you want. people can't read your mind and subtle and not-so subtle hints may get you farther from what you expected.
* compromise. we cannot get what we want all the time. learn to meet half-way.
* put things off that cannot be done today for tomorrow.
* want to look at what's on the end of the rainbow.

* to be afraid. but one thing struck with me, someone wise told me this:" you shouldn't be afraid of an unknown future with a known God". this got me thinking and nodding in unison. i shouldn't be at all afraid.
* daydream. or dream. but what's more important is waking up and making them come true.

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