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lesson: uncomplicate

Wednesday, August 04, 2010tee

each and everyday, we are dealing with complications.
like it or not, life is but a tangled web which we or cimcumstances knowingly or unknowingly create.

one day, you're walking down a straight and smooth road, and the next, you find yourself lost in a maze of a labyrinth.

now how do you get out of a tangled web? be it in a tangled path, or a wayward road, or a web of lies, or a complicated situation...?

the way i see it, it's like knot-tying. or the opposite thereof - untying. it's a painstaking process of pulling off and pulling apart, letting go and moving on, twisting and untwisting. yes, there might be dead ends, or almost-it moments, and there will be times you'll just want to resign to fate and give up.

uncomplicate. i know, sometimes it's easier said than done. but hey, note that life needn't be complicated to be lived and enjoyed.

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