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time, be still.

Friday, August 20, 2010tee

everything's a whirl. it's all happening so fast. time's fleeting, time's flying.
when you're having fun, enjoying, happy, time sneaks up on you and cheats.
is it bad to hope for a breather or for time to infinitely slow down?
i'd like to pause time and stay forever here, please.
if only i could, i would. here. forever.

i'm in a state and place of comfort. of serenity. of happiness. a place of zen.
and when everything's good and close to perfect, try as you might NOT, but you remember the calm before a storm. a part of you is scared that it might not last long. that one day, and earthquake would shake the stability of your world.

but yes, change is inevitable. it is in fact, unavoidable. the only constant thing in this world.

so i bow down my head and pray in surrender.

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