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through gritted teeth, i smile.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010tee

i feel like dealing with a lot of things on top of my head. layered and stacked each on top of the other. i feel it's building up like a high tower, ready to fall down and tumble anytime. i once was told that i think too much, and heck, maybe i do. but it's better to think than not, right? and worse part it, no matter how i surround myself with people and activities, there are moments i feel alone and isolated. it just doesn't feel right no matter how hard i try to snap out of it.

but, i'm not letting go of that glint of hope that it'll all get better in time. wait you see, better days will be coming up. and everything, when the right time comes, will happen. and it'll end up more than all right.

and so with gritted teeth, i force a small smile. no matter what is said or done, i'm holding strong.

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