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Wednesday, September 01, 2010tee

each year, on the first of september, i play my own april fools trick. and since today's that day, it's no exception.

before you imagine any complex trick, it's just simple, really. every year, on september 1st, i simply wear red. why? because it's associated with birthdays. people tend to tease you if you wear red. where i'm from, when you wear red, people immediately greet you teasingly with a "happy birthday".

and so, i wear red on september 1st. maybe to blow people off their tracks. and just for the fun and curiosity of it, find out who really knows.

people greet me and i casually say my thanks. the next thing that would happen, happens all the time! onlookers will throw puzzled looks, doubting their memory of dates and would eventually blurt out a "is it really your birthday today"?

maybe i like playing mind games, and pulling this old trick before people finally catch on really gets me cracking each year.

so what is in a birthday?

a friend asked me today, "how does it feel?" in all honesty, i answered, "nothing". he was taken aback, i know. but let me explain further.
physically, it felt nothing. it's not as if an inner alarm gets triggered each time our birthdays fall. or our skin magically peels off to signify day of age. imagine the horror of sitting beside someone in the bus, and then his skin just peels off and every stranger says "oh, happy birthday!" (thank goodness it weren't the case!)

but on a serious note, i find birthdays as an opportunity and a yearly reminder of life. a time to thank God for His infinite goodness and for blessing you with more years to do as He wills. it's a time to appreciate our families, and our parents, who reared us since infancy and provided the best they could to us. it's basically a time to stop and pause, and count our blessings and be thankful for them. so the correct answer to that question should have been "i feel so thankful".

as i grow older, (eek!) i have come to realize the most important gifts are probably those that cannot be quantified and cannot be wrapped. time, companionship, family, friends... all these things can never be bought - priceless. so i pause for a while and count what i have. with that i know - it's more than enough. :)

0x1A is my age now, by the way. the inner geek in me is talking in hexadecimals. so go figure. better that than in binary speak. :D

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