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Wednesday, October 27, 2010tee

the past three months have been a roller-coaster of emotions. i had to make a choice between two equally good things - the present comfort zone and a possible unknown. it was never the case that i was not happy where i am now - i have always been content with what i have and i have always felt i have been abundantly blessed.

everything is here - my family, friends, and work.

but i guess curiosity got the best of me. an opportunity came and i answered. it took weeks of discernment, prayers, consultation and talks before i finally took a deep breath and took it. it didn't happen overnight and it was a painful process, but one i had to go through. i know i'll never quiet my what-ifs and living life with regrets is just not my thing. it was not an easy choice to make - to have to leave everything which have been deeply rooted and established all these years.

i'll be going to a place where i haven't gone before. leaving the comforts and people i have grown so attached and accustomed to - all to chase a dream. yes, it is all an unknown, yet somehow, i do not feel like i'm being led down a dark alley. and it may seem unknown, but i have a good feeling about this.

and though it saddens me that i won't be seeing everyone as often as i would have wanted to and that i will probably miss alot of dinners, get-togethers, dates, parties, bonding-moments, outreaches and pictorials. it saddens me that i have started to build up alot of things this year - friendships, career and importantly, my faith, i know that i will be able to continue where i left off wherever i may be. and friends and people, they're never really gone as long as you hold them dear to your heart.

this will be a new chapter, definitely. a new adventure, i'd like to call. i like to quote something my old teacher once said: "no matter where you are, grow and bloom where you are planted." i believe everything happens for a reason. this is all but part of His grand master plan.

ttfn guys. i'd like to stress the for now part. who knows i just might come back for good. life is indeed full of surprises and i have never expected this blessing (among a lot of countless ones) would spring on me this year.

and i'll definitely come back over and over and over again. cebu and bohol are places i hold dear in my heart. see you then. ;)

and oh, this is me, attempting to wave for effect.

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  1. David John de GuzmanOctober 29, 2010 at 11:31 AM

    “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

    Good Luck Tetay! pakabait ka!

  2. 2010 is dream chasing year! God bless on your new journey!!!:D can't wait to read bout your (mis)adventures!:)

  3. @dadoy thanks. i quoted that in one of my blogs. totoo talaga yun dadoy. He paves ways. :)

    @marge tinuod marge. never in my wildest dreams have i imagined all of these happening for us. God bless your adventures and you too. 3rd day and napuno nakog bloopers. when im settled i'll post. LOL. :D


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