Monday, November 29, 2010tee

whoa. i'm almost a month here. i'm a day short, but you get the point.

it's true what they say that you'll never really realize what you have until it's gone. and it has never hit so much til i went here and after a few weeks, i realized i so miss the food way back home!

it's not that i eat lechon often there, but i'm craving for it lately. and kfc hot and crispy chicken, i so missed you! the closest i got was black pepper chicken from the same chain. i miss everything pasta - spaghetti and carbonara!!! dear sbarro's baked ziti, where are you? and you, my dear froyo, i missed you. i was so happy to finally locate the only red mango booth here. even if meant 7 MRT stops away to get there, i'd ride that train. :) i miss STK and seafoods too. and, (a long list should be inserted here) :|

maybe it's the feeling that even if i don't eat it often, it's just around the corner if i ever want to grab a bite. it's a convenient option, and i can always go there when i feel like it. lol, i should really learn to cook. edit that. i should stop being lazy and start cookin'. nah, i'll just wait when i get back home and eat what someone else has cooked! sounds better? :D

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