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for the life of me, i don't know

Wednesday, November 17, 2010tee

blame it on my chinky eyes. whenever i visit a neighboring country, i wouldn't miss being mistaken as a local. if that were true, i am already a Singaporean, HongKongian, Chinese, and a Filipino to boot! and who could forget - Korean too!

while trying to find my away around the MRT station on my second day, i got asked for directions! there was also this time where i met a filipina who was fumbling with her words, and after several exchanges, i got the nerves to tell her "are you a filipina? im a filipina". :D it happens ever so frequently - while purchasing items on the grocery, or buying food, or at the queue at the bank, locals speak to me in their native tongue! there was one "busy" day where it happened like four times! it happens so frequently but when it does, i still try to scramble for words. or ask them to say it again - maybe i just heard wrong since i'm still getting the hang of SingLish, but when they do, what i hear is a weird fumble in a different language! and so, in my most polite voice and apologetic look, i say "English only". :D some of them recover and translate it to english (phew!) but some just give me a shrug, a small smile, mutter something (again in mandarin) and leave me alone. i can only interpret it means "never mind", but i can only assume and i'll never know, right? :P

then A gave me the "holy grail" of mandarin.
wo bù zhīdào. (he spelled it as 'wo pu ch tao', but the former showed up when i googled it.) magic words. it means "i do not know." smart guy, that A.

wo bù zhīdào. it will surely come handy. or, i could try hard to enlarge my eyes like that thing J and i used to do to see how big our eyes would get. that would spook them all of and put them off their tracks. :D

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5 scribble(s)

  1. uhm, chinky eyes? so actually you do know why. :p

  2. by "i don't know", i mean akong tubag nila.. hehe :P

  3. I learned something else useful.
    tsoy pu tsi, wo pu ming pay - sorry, I don't understand

    Don't mind the spelling. I spell them like how I hear them. :)

  4. mandarin diay sad ang tsoy pu tsi? :) mas sayon ang wo po ming pay! hehe thanks, drin!


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