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Sunday, November 14, 2010tee

how is life treating me here? that's a question many people ask me. i wouldn't be surprised. i have been asking the same thing too.

well, it had been fun. and it is still fun. for the most part, i've met and encountered a mixture of new people, faces, places and culture and gastronomic delights. being away from home and the comforts of familiar zone had been bearable because for the most part, i have been surrounded with great people who kept me sane. i have been in awe of the new experiences and environment, and i had help from those who guided me and bore with me with the so many questions and novice naiveness and mistakes.

sometimes i forget i'm in a foreign land with all the cebuanos and familiar faces surrounding me. and then i suddenly have this inkling to text or call or simply cook up an impromptu get-together with my sister, or J, or my girlfriends, and i realize i'm not in cebu anymore. i'm actually about 3-4 (plane) hours away. :|

i try to keep myself busy to do away with the homesickness, but i guess that's not an easy feat with me not officially getting my hands dirty at work - at least not yet. i'm still on a month or so worth of official training. they tell me i should probably enjoy it while it lasts. and that's what i intend to do - with the free time, and with all of these.

and yes, it does get lonely. but i take a deep breath, pray, smile and put on my bravest face. i can't really complain, can i? :)

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