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one rainy afternoon at the zoo

Tuesday, November 23, 2010tee

the singapore zoo experience was one i cannot forget, at least not soon. i arrived at the zoo with no expectations, i have been to a number of zoos and saw a number of animals so i thought it was just like one of the others.

but surprise, surprise. there was a wide number of species at the zoo - elephants, white tigers, reptiles, birds, kangaroos, penguins, and a whole lot more!

it was a rainy afternoon on our visit. but not even the rain and long
walks could dampen our spirits. i enjoyed watching the shows, all four of them, even if it meant us running ala amazing race just to catch the show on time!

in fairness, the singapore zoo did not disappoint. it was a whole new experience by itself and i just might come back again. :)

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