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wow, it has been a week!

Sunday, November 07, 2010tee

i'm officially out of the "vacation mode" stage. wow, has it been really a week?

i just cannot make out or recall everything that has happened since i arrived. it was a blur of bus and train rides, of food, of people and new faces, of setting up my cubicle and orientations in the office, of learning how to iron my clothes (yes, seriously i took ironing lessons from L!), unpacking and settling into the new home, of tired and achy (bruised) feet, of getting lost and figuring my way around, of still scratching my head over the language.

the week has been a series of trying out food - some of which i liked, and some i didn't get the hang of yet, of seeing places and great scenery, of being spooked by the turkish ice cream man in Clarke Quay, of adjusting to how the words are spoken vs. how they are spelled (i had difficulty on this one, really).

the week has been filled with bloopers that i have lost count - like the new hires were called one by one and i insisted i was "Christian" over and over again to the HR! (in my defense, this was due to the variations my name "Kristie-Ann" took over the years).

maybe it's too early to say - but i miss home and my family and friends and my J. but despite that, i feel lucky and blessed that i have the kindness and companionship of familiar and new faces here. it makes the transition easier to bear.

i am finally here. and the adventure begins, and the bloopers will pile up! bring it all on!
taken at the Orchard. i wish i took my camera out often.
i only had this set for the week. oh well, i have more days to take shots!

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