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Friday, January 07, 2011tee

home always has this tug in my heart. and home is where the heart is. family, friends, and love - that's where my home always lies.

with my brief stint at the philippines (i was mainly in bohol for the most part), i can honest to goodness say that i was home. i felt so much alive and happier with everyone nearby and within arm's reach. and it truly feels good to be surrounded by so much love and good cheer, especially for the holidays. truly, it's yet another gentle reminder of how abundantly blessed i am and that i have so many things to be grateful for.

as i look back at my vacation pics, it was just a couple of weeks back. but it seems like it happened a very long time ago. but still, at least i have the happy thoughts of happy days in my heart. that's where i'll keep "home" for now. :D

f4k Christmas party @ Red Box, Ayala. a f4k Christmas gathering and a tree pic is one of the many things we as f4k look forward to.

briefly touched base with mides and cj. and my, my godchild is not a baby anymore.
and i wonder - what does that say about me? :P

spent Christmas and New Year with the ohana. i wouldn't have imagined spending or having my holidays otherwise. :)

summer in December and happy days with J. sweet, sweet love. :)

and here's hoping for more happy days this year!

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