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Tuesday, January 04, 2011tee

it's finally 2011, another year is upon us. a happy and blessed new year to one and all!!!

i have just come back from a brief stint for the holidays at home, and with the festivities and catching up and taking a breather, i have come to realize that i have a few (or a little more than FEW) things to accomplish.

first, i need to finish uploading my Project 2010 photos in my photoblog and come up with a summary of what 2010 has been for me.

second, i have a few blogs in queue - of the christmas break, of going back to work, of the year that was and will be!

third, upon opening my closet, i have a mountain-load of ironing to do. this is very much evident in my outfits for the past few days. between you and me, every morning, i'm already grabbing the "least" crumpled one in the unironed stack.

fourth, i have to catch up on my sleep. i have been so used to waking up late and the less-than-recommended sleep hours is taking a toll on me. before i can complete any of the above to-dos i think i need to catch up with my zzz's and be well-rested. i do hope i can get that soon, because i'm running out of work clothes! (see item 3).

fifth, coming back to the office has been a challenge for adjustment by itself. i have been so used to waking up late, and eating three full meals a day and relaxing that waking up at 7AM, having no breakfast and facing my PC and work has been a challenge. i need to double-time on getting my productivity back because i sure have tons of work to do!

that's pretty much it for now. it's the start of the new year and it's a not a good thing to start procrastinating this early.

okay self, take a deep breath. take it all a step at a time. me, myself and i - we can do it! ganbatte!!!
once you see the new posts, that'd mean i've finally stopped procrastinating. lol.
but til then, toodles!!!

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