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Saturday, January 29, 2011tee

in case you're wondering or curious whatever happened to my becoming the next iron chef dream, here's a few pixies of what i did on my own last month. mind you, these may not be impressive yet and can be done by an eight year old. seriously. these are not jaw-dropping and french-sounding recipes. :>

fresh fruit salad. throw in a bunch of lettuce and slices of oranges and apple. the yummiest and guilt-free dinner. :)

ginaling. saute ground pork and add in corn, carrots and peas. i did a variation with carrots, brocolli and potatoes. i did manage to do it with soy sauce and oyster sauce too.

fried rice. leftover rice + strips of egg and luncheon meat. a bit of chinese chorizo would've been good too.

spam and sunny-side up egg. the perfect breakfast meal for dinner. uhm, just fry? :D

adobo. marinate lean pork on vinegar and soy sauce overnight. deep fry.

the thing when cooking for one is that there's no one to "judge" you and if it turns out bad, only you'll be the one who'll be paying the price!

anyhow, this reminds me of when i was cooking for a group last year. saw a few pixies of what i cooked during last year's lexington trip. my teammates (bless their souls) have been very supportive on my eagerness to cook and let me do the cooking most of the time. no one complained of food poisoning, so i guess we're good. and they did gobble what i prepared, so it was at least edible? that, or they were really hungry. :)

breaded fried chicken. pork stew. ground pork with potatoes, then with carrots and brocolli. spaghetti and meatballs. pork adobo.

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