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Saturday, February 19, 2011tee

have you ever wondered or thought of how people would describe you when you're not around? if you would have died, what would you be fondly remembered for?

i know thinking of one's death may be mortifying. at the back of our minds, we would like to believe that we would live forever and that death would give out a pass and skip out on us.
but reality is, it will eventually happen.

and then, i imagined a little girl, my great-great grandchild, asking her grandmother, "what was she like?"

in that alternate universe, when the internet was almost unheard of - a means of old-fashioned technology akin to the jurassic era, her grandmother would answer, "why don't you read about her life in her blogs?"

and upon digging in into my writing, would she find herself wondering the woman that i was? if she did, she'd probably ask for stories and fond memories there were of me.

she had an impish and the sweetest smile. she had the knack of getting herself into mini-accidents (shortly put, she's clumsy in a funny, cute kind of way). her eyes, they tell you alot of things, they bore down to the depths of her soul.

she made a difference. she touched lives. she cared. she exudes a wave of contagious happiness within her. she believed in the best of people.

she trusted and believed in God. her life was a testament of that.

and boy, before i forget, did she ever loved.

i now know what i would want to be remembered, just like that. and now i know what i need to work on, with His grace and help, on becoming that woman.

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