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cooking 101 - easy beef stroganov

Thursday, May 12, 2011tee

true, true, the name does sound intimidating, but really, stroganov is something easy to do. i got this recipe from my housemate, and since then, it has become a favorite!

and yeah, the photo might not look so delish, i have me to blame for that - i need to practice my presentation skills. we were getting hungry, so we just snapped and let it be.

but really, it's yum and a must try! :)

400 grams beef chucks, sliced into thin strips
6 cloves medium-sized garlic (or more)
1 can, cream of mushroom (290g)
1 sour cream (i use the light version, 200ml)

  • saute garlic until golden brown, add the beef strips and cook until tender. 
  • add in the cream of mushroom while stirring constantly. 
  • after a few minutes, add in the sour cream. 
  • remove from heat when it starts to boil. 
  • garnish with garlic on top, if preferred. 
  • best served with rice.

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