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Friday, May 20, 2011tee

after a few months, it feels like i have settled. things that used to give me shock and awe are now just normal, ordinary and part of daily life. 

sometimes when it feels comfortably settled, and it feels like everything it's already part the usual day, it's always nice to once in a while, have something new to break the routine.

for me, that routine breaker which i always look forward to is ... visitors! 

for april, it was E's turn to visit us. 

we spent the entire day strolling around sentosa. with our noon passes, we had a fun cineblast adventure, desperados shootout, segway ride and the highlight - luge and skyride!

the night was capped with the phenomenal "songs of the sea" light show. a must, really.

it wouldn't be a complete singapore visit without the infamous chili crabs. we sure had our fill @ makansutra. of course, with my favorite cereal prawns too! the night was spent enjoying the view - the marina, flyer, merlion statue and strolling til we arrived @ one fullerton hotel. afterwards, with my chiding, e bought the wafer ice cream. imagine how huge her eyes went when she saw it was just a wafer, then manong had to cut ice cream and literally put it in between! but really, it was delish. :))

a day at the zoo. courtesy of our free zoo pass, it was my second time to go to the zoo, but nevertheless, i had loads of fun. we watched the elephant show and the splash show.

come may, it was james' cousin and his family's turn!

04/31 - 05/02/2011
it was our first time to go inside marina bay sands hotel and our very first time to go to the marina sands skypark. the view was awesome, you can have a 360-angle view of the marina area. the infinity pool was something else, too. an infinity pool at the top of a skypark, several floors above ground, whoa. :)

with J on BT after that, i spent the next days with them @ the zoo and jurong bird park. it was my first time at the jurong bird park too, and a memorable first time at that - as a bird decided to "bless" me (and those beside me) during one of the shows. i also had loads of fun observing the lil kids and musing how cute they were. and there i was, missing my family and my childhood again! :>

showing people around, meeting friends you haven't met in a while, going to places, it gives a sense of renewed awe and amazement. and for a moment, i feel once again, that i am a tourist in a foreign land. true, i may already have a sense of comfort and familiarity here, but there's always a first time for everything. after all, singapore may never run out of places and things for me to have my first-try's. :>

visitors.. i wonder who's coming over next? given that singapore is a top asian destination, for sure we'll never run out of visitors, and familiar faces to see, right?

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