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Friday, May 27, 2011tee

i'm feeling a very strong urge again to pack my bags and just head out wherever and whenever! someone, please, stop me! 

the strong feeling is at its peak really. maybe because summer's about to end and the closest thing i did which involved swimming was night swimming on a pool a couple of months back. i miss philippines. boy, summers were always something to look forward to! be it the simple pleasures of snorkeling or island hopping, the beach feels like it was just around the corner. 

it was always a yearly thing. heck, we do it all-year round even! and i wasn't exactly ready to let that tradition go. and this year, something new - it feels like i've totally skipped out on summer. i feel like a loser staring out pictures of white sand beaches and looking at escapade promos, mentally picturing myself out there somewhere, and waiting for airline sales to dream destinations. doing all those things yet knowing, it ain't happening now. torturing myself, much, haven't i?

time to turn on the positivity switch. i should really get my travel go-to list finished. there's a whole big unexplored world out there - calling out my name. and when the time comes to travel (soon i hope, positive vibes!!!), just close my eyes and do an eenie-meenie-minie-moe! 

now that sounds like a plan.

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