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Sunday, July 24, 2011tee

this was a short housemates/lunch-buddies get-away at malacca and my first time at malaysia at that.

MALACCA (or MELAKA), is a UNESCO world heritage site, located at the southern part of the malay peninsula. portugese and dutch influence is clearly seen in their buildings and architecture.

we arrived in malacca around 4PM, which was about 4 hours later than our estimated ETA.   despite this, we were still able to tour around Malacca with the remainder of the day.
we had a quick too-late-lunch-and-too-early-dinner and started our tour at around 5.

first stop, the baywalk which is just beside the Dataran Pahlawan megamall where we took our meal.
after we had our fill, we started walking around. and i mean REALLY walk. here are photos of some of the wonderful buildings we saw during our walking tour.

top to bottom, from L to R:
J and I walking, the side of Dataran Pahlawan mall, 
Town Hall, Muzium Belia Malaysia (Malaysia Youth Museum).

Ruins of Fort A Formosa and St. Francis Xavier Church.

first train and airplane in Malacca.

The Maritime Museum.  The Maritime Museum along Jalan Quayside by the banks of the Malacca River, is housed in the life-size replica of the "Flor de la Mar", the Portuguese galleon which sank in the Malacca Harbour in the 16th century.

last stop... and just in time for dusk: Jonker Street. in Malaysian: Jalan Hang Jebatthis lively stretch is paradise to tourists where sorts of items are being sold from antique goods, souvenirs, accessories, clothing, street food, specialty food and restaurants, and trinkets. ohh la la, paradise! :)

despite the delay in our arrival to Malacca, at the end of the day, we had covered the major tourist spots that the state has to offer. it had been a very fun and enjoyable weekend break/get-away.

now where to next? :)

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