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Friday, August 12, 2011tee

another jolly event - the V.I.P's went to town for a quick visit! having them around was fun, enjoyable. it made me realize how much i missed them and how long i saw them last that i was practically holding my tears when they left.

here's a rundown of the events that transpired during their short stint. 
i hope one day they'll come back with my sibs in tow too. :>

mama, being the green thumb, wanted to see the Singapore Botanical Gardens.
truth be told, it was everybody's first time there - including my own!

the visit included a lot of food trippin' - including makan (they say you haven't been in Singapore if you haven't been here.) we took them to Marche, which is one of my personal favorites. a quick jaunt in Orchard, then the flyer ride followed. Then a Lion King performance. :)

day 2 didn't exactly start as planned, as I forgot that the zoo booking had to be claimed somewhere else. eek! a day at the zoo started late but nevertheless, the day ended well with fireworks @ the marina and a visit to Merlion and One Fullerton Hotel.

sentosa and universal studios day.

time flew by so quickly during that weekend. 
can't wait to see them again soon. :D

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  1. they arrived thurday night and left monday night so more or less, 3 full days lang.. sa last day, shopping nalang sa china town. :D

    paspas ra jud kaayo ang time adto.. tsk :(


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