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Friday, September 02, 2011tee

happy birthday, self. 

my birthday is one of my favorite days. next to Christmas day, that is.
but this year is different. i'm breaking a whole lot of "tradition" this year. 

it's probably my first birthday away from home. birthdays in our family are special, and we try as much as we can to spend it with each other (though i have been guilty to miss a few birthdays because of work, we still celebrate on the closest weekend.) today, i'm missing my family more than ever. being away from them, especially today, makes me realize how blessed i am to have a tightly-knit and loving family.

this year is different. i didn't have cake or officemates rounding up at my cube to sing me a birthday song (which is my fault because i just kept mum, but more because i just wanted to celebrate it quietly, with no frills. sign of getting old, perhaps?

and oh, at the end of the day, i had cake, because someone brought cake for his birthday. i silently ate and greeted myself a happy birthday.

this year, i am no longer wearing red. it used to be a thing since i could remember - i'd wear red on my birthday to confuse people. because when one greets you "happy birthday" someone nearby also greets right? domino effect. to shake things up a bit, i wear red to make them stop and think.. i think i'm getting old for that. plus, since i'm on a business trip, i already wore my only red blouse and it's yet to be laundered! and so, this year, purple is the new RED! :)

this year, no family dinner. no more dinner date (and i suddenly have this mental image of J wearing red on my birthday too). no more team lunches. oh - that means i won't go broke! just kidding! being far away from people you hold dear, especially on celebrations like these, makes you more appreciative of them. and a tad more thankful.

yet despite the distance, i still feel so loved and so blessed. i can only be thankful for the blessings coming in. with the time difference, i will have a 30-hour birthday. and i could just feel the love pouring in from all over the whole wide world.

thank you, dear Lord for the wonderful year and for blessing me with another year to grow. may i spend this year to bring glory and honor to You.

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