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Wednesday, September 28, 2011tee

here i am counting days again. i'm already half-way on my brief stint. it's a mixture of feelings really.

a little piece of me is melancholic. i guess it's the normal bitter-sweet feeling when things come to an end. time is a shrewd thing - at weekdays it feels snail-like and because i'm almost up and about during weekends, it feels like it's racing.

a part of me is on cramming mode - i haven't even gotten to everywhere i wanted to go to yet! with limited weekends and just one holiday, i guess you just have to make do with what you have and what you can.

of course, a part of me is happy and very thankful. europe was just one of those unreachable and "someday" places. i have been wander-lusting for a while, i admit, and while this was not exactly the "dream vacation" i had imagined it to be, but God had better plans - a free ticket and visa! all praises! i am nothing but blessed to have this opportunity. i know i will not conquer everything at one go (but i sure will try), but this "teaser" will always be that nudge to someday, somehow, come back for more.

a part of me is relieved that my days in this cold weather are numbered. i now understand why europeans are so fond of the sun. it felt odd back in singapore seeing our counterparts choosing to sit under the heat when we force ourselves to cram inside the cafeteria to enjoy airconditioning! well let's just say they have natural aircon most of the time. :)  i was never really fond of the cold, i shiver at the slightest sign of cold air, and while it's just almost autumn yet - i cannot begin to imagine what autumn or winter would be like. on the bright side, an excuse to dress up! but yeah, unable to breathe during mornings, allergic bouts and the daily nosebleeds are going to stop soon.

the past weeks have been a great experience. it still feels surreal. and while i know i will miss this place and the sparks brought about by travelling, meeting new people, and being captivated by sights and places, i know i don't belong here. i can't wait to get back to where i do. yes, i've been homesick and lovesick too. ;p

so what will i do when it's all over? probably enjoy my weekends lazing around and resting. or just quiet evenings and casual dinners and movie dates. every weekend feels like ala amazing race on our quest to conquer cities and countries that my body is screaming for massage and a rest by now. i am not complaining, after all, waking up in the wee hours and running around catching trains is a small price to pay to see wonderful places, right? and well... i'll probably go on a food trip before starting to shed off the pounds i think i gained with all the hefty servings - you can't blame me... i miss asian food! and oh, before i forget, i also promised myself to badger J to teach me how to bike. good luck with that - to him at least, teehee.

anyhow, it's 5 weeks down. 4 and a half more. can't wait! let the countdown begin! :)

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  1. I miss waking up extra early for a trip... I wonder if I still have that in me! haha

  2. mukalit lang xa ug come ang feeling marge when naa na! sus, naay times i have to wake up 3 or 4am just to catch the train! :) the things we do for laag! lol


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