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Sunday, November 20, 2011tee

Bratislava, Slovakia

honestly, when my teammate said we're headed to Bratislava for the weekend, i just paused and blinked. and then blinked again. i was processing, and racking my brains on where on Europe Bratislava is! he must have sensed my confusion and so he told me where it was - just near Austria and Hungary, in Slovakia! then he quizzed me if I know where Ljubljana is - to which i gave another blank stare! lol, i should look at the map more often! :)

anyway, back to Bratislava. it was our third and last day of a long weekend and just before heading back to Germany, we decided to conquer yet another country for a brief stopover.
Slovakia, of course, is what used to be the better half of Czechoslovakia (the other part is Czech Republic).

because of our limited time, we just went around the city's old town - in big strides and brisk walks with backpacks in tow! what i can say about the old town is that it is quaint and filled with interesting buildings, paved streets and colorful structures. to name a few, we saw Michael's bridge, town hall, St. Martin's Cathedral and the town square.

one thing about being a foodie is that no matter how tight the schedule is, you'll always stop for a bite - at least to experience the cuisine too. for our part, we had our fill at a buffet restaurant where had our fill of grilled steak, ham and a whole lot more! because of the gluttons that we are, we had barely enough time to cover Bratislava castle and Novy Most bridge so we just looked at both structures in an angle from afar before we headed back.

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