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that one autumn afternoon

Sunday, January 08, 2012tee

a couple of months (a couple of days) ago, at around noontime, on a cold yet sunny autumn day, on a bench overlooking Frankfurt's old town, river and the iron bridge, my bestest friend took my breath away with awe and surprise. just when i thought i have total mind-reading access to his plans and surprises-to-be, i was proven wrong again. kneeling on one knee, with a shiny bling in hand, he asked me to marry him.

of course, i said yes. that, after checking with him if i was punked or what. better sure ;)

there are moments and memories which will always be etched in your heart - this one will always be one for the charts. it happened so fast, whereas i had always an idea of what it's going to be like when it's going to happen, no amount of premonition or preparation could ever prepare me for the real thing.

here's a quick run-through of how it went in the form of a proposal formula, J+K style.

(great scenery on a sunny, autumn day) 

(a boy and a girl)  

 (a shiny bling)
happy, happy, happy. :)

we gave ourselves time before coming clean (of course our immediate families were in it since the beginning) - it was time for me to pinch myself - you now have a fiance! woot, woot! *and more pinching here* a time to internalize, cherish and enjoy the moment. a time to look at each other in the eye with knowing smiles knowing you both have a secret you've been dying to tell the whole world. we may have done it differently, but yes, that's we did.

fast forward to now - a couple of months have passed and yet the queasy feeling remains. oh, la-la-love! so this is what being engaged feels like. happy, happy, happy.

and hopefully looking forward to the future. ^-^

i still can't believe up until now that in a few months, i'll be walking down the aisle. i'll be adding yet another dash to my name. and someday, i'll be getting a new roomie (hopefully one that doesn't snore too much). hihi.

truly, everything unfolds and happens in God's perfect time.

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7 scribble(s)

  1. not to mention the FB change of status by J! that surprised u too! ^^
    happy happy happy <3

  2. @marge - thank you, thank you! looking forward to see you soon. wonder where though? pinas, sg or aussie? :)

    @aye - write yours nasad! para magkilig2 nasad ta! taas pa kaau ni na story. maybe if kalugar ko.. apilan nako sa bloopers ug sa the making.. haha. :D

    @jen - thanks ateh! in fairness, i think mas nashock xa and nasurprise after niya request sa stat change naa na dayun ni like. hahaha that we did not foresee. fb, pahamak. :D

  3. David John de GuzmanJanuary 30, 2012 at 9:22 PM

    So happy for you tetay!

  4. @dadoy - thanks dadoy. ikaw, malapit na din ba? ;)

  5. David John de GuzmanFebruary 5, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    =).. Not anytime soon.. Take care ha.. God bless!


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