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harry potter moment

Tuesday, February 21, 2012tee

remember that thing in harry potter wherein the wand chooses the wizard? that oh-so-transforming event when you finally met the one after opening up a lot of boxes and pointing a lot of wands?

well, i can liken what happened last night as something akin to that moment.

J and I have been scouting for months looking for the "ones". tonight was a chill night, which we intended to spend finishing up last minute errands before we fly back home. since we had more than enough time to spare, spontaneously, we went to one of the shops. i wasn't expecting anything, i thought i knew what i wanted and saw it all. we went thru the usual, looked through the selections, tried a few on, bantered. i was already ready to succumb defeat. not now. maybe on some other day. but then, on the last minute, the lady offered one last piece. i couldn't quite describe how light, how real, how happy and how right it felt. i was beaming and smiling! and beside me, J was smiling too! knowingly, we looked at each other and knew, the hunt's over. apparently, when we weren't even looking or planning to look, our soon-to-be wedding bands found us!

much similar to how we found love and each other. but that story's meant for another cheesy blogpost. :D

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