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73 Cities, 25 Countries. (updated)

Saturday, March 03, 2012tee

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

time and again, i've posted about traveling. from time to time, i get hit by wanderlust - daydreaming of exotic places, unique cultures, gastronomic delights, romantic get-aways, dreamy and picturesque views! when the travel bug hits you, you're never cured. oh, if only i was paid to travel all over the world! 

Inspired by M's post on her list of escapes, I came up with this list of my travel adventures. i know i promised i'd come up with my very own go-to travel list, but i found it easier to list past adventures than coming up with a never-ending list of where i wanna go. with the help of Cities I've Visited app by TripAdvisor application on FB(i have been religiously updating my travel map lest my memory fails me), I came up with this list, complete with links of my blog posts about that destination. hopefully, this post shall remind me when i become wistful and melancholic. and maybe, be of help somehow to someone else too. note that there are still unposted blogs and unlinked posts. i'll update this index from time to time. or at least try to.

73 Cities, 25 Countries. some of my travels were because i was blessed with numerous opportunities for business trips, hence i got to mix work with play. woohoo, all in God's grace! some of my travels were side-trips. and some, were just for a bit of R&R. i had a mix of travel companions too - family, friends, colleagues; all of whom made traveling way fun and enjoyable. 

traveling really does give me an ultimate high. nothing makes me feel more alive than communing with nature and His creation - beach, sun, sand; or experiencing new culture, meeting new people, trying new adventures and cuisine. 

i do not consider myself well-traveled, i'm just your daily average traveler maybe. i know a lot of people who've covered the globe more than i did. but one day, i will cover and conquer more too - one city, one country at a time. this is a travel addict's vow to herself. :)

with that train of thought, i should start with that go-to list. pronto!

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  1. you are so in love daughter! we are happy for you

  2. hahaha this comment should have been on happy hearts! it was an effort to make my first comment but i was not successful!but really we are happy for you and james!

  3. I believe Batam tops the list!:D heheehhe!


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