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happy hearts' day!

Saturday, March 03, 2012tee

happy valentine's day! (ahem, late post!)

this year, we tried to make the celebration up a notch, after all, Valentine's day comes but once a year!

J and I have been spending Feb. 14 apart for the last three years (blame it on my  overseas business trips). the last vday we spent together was during our first year as a couple, imagine that! :D so i was pretty glad and relieved that we broke the jinx this time. to make up for the last three Valentine's apart, J cooked up something special on his own. a little surprise he planned by himself.

to give you an idea why i am so elated on this post - let me begin by saying that J is unpredictable so a surprise coming from him is really surprising for me (that - unless i ruin the surprise and pre-empt, being the KJ that i intentionally or unintentionally am). J is the type who says he doesn't want me to get used to expecting gifts on occasions that i won't be surprised and appreciative anymore, hence, i just received a  bouquet of flowers once - when he courted me. he says flowers just wilt. LOL :D he plays his cards like that - out-of-the-blue surprises, no hints or whatsoever (but sometimes, feeling i'm a detective, i crack the tell-tales), unexpected, practical. so instead of the cheesy, usual romantic stuff, i've been getting gadgets and "practical, useful, everyday things" - a camera, spare batteries for my cam, sandals, a bag, so on.. which i appreciate and enjoy immensely too, by the way, because they last longer. :D

valentines started the weekend before. i got my surprise cake :D

but this vday was something different. 

to cut the story short, we spent the night wining and dining at The Prime Society. i'd say the place was a two-thumbs up. it was very ambient, cozy and romantic. :)

 while waiting for the food, we got to pose. and oh, they give ladies a red rose on vday too!

here's the four-course dinner.;)
but wait, that wasn't all. another surprise got to me the weekend after, on what seemed to be a normal Sunday. 'twas our 53rd monthsary and my post-vday flowers. ang haba ng hair ni ate, ha! :D the pretty pink blooms awed me!

my surprise floral bouquet :D

this year marks alot of lasts and a few firsts for us. as we close our bf-gf chapter this year, this vday will be our last vday as bf-gf together that's why i truly appreciate the effort J put into making this day extra special for me. makes you look forward to what's in store ahead of us - and i am so looking forward to more happy days in the future

but truth be told, valentine's day is not just on Feb 14, but everyday. give love, show love, share love. be love!

oh yeah. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. :D

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  2. aww... so kilig this post!! Glad you guys had a love-filled v-day :)

  3. thanks, marge! love, love, love! :D haha, sending you some love over to aussie! :D


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