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Monday, March 05, 2012tee

another late post. my official send-off to the year that was.

to sum up what the year 2011 had been for me - a year of wonderful surprises.

we had a bunch of welcomed visitors - and we did a lot of tourists most of the time (honestly, there are some days when i still feel like i am a tourist here. feeler! )

i have always been a wanderluster (ok, that didn't sound right) and well, we did a few out of town weekend trips at the beginning. that of course, fueled my yearning to travel to a whole lot of destinations (i have a long list, mind you). i missed the beach last year, and come summer, i had been practically kicking off my shoes to go out and travel! but then, we never really planned anything out yet except for an upcoming HK trip with f4k which i had been looking forward for like, months. (unfortunately, due to some conflict with a BT had to be foregone, booo!) i initially thought that 2011 would be a "drought" in travelling as far as i was concerned. little did i know i was up for an adventure, one which i never thought would be possible soon. when one door closes, another one opens. in this one, a huge gigantaur of a door opened! a business trip at Europe at that! woot! i wasn't exactly rejoicing at first, J had just arrived from his 2+ months BT and now i was told i was to leave for 3 months. plus, i had other plans. so many, other plans! but looking back, the opportunity was a wonderful one. i got to tour around Europe's cities and countries, fell in love with the place and promised myself i shall return! :D

i thought that was the end of it - travelling to europe. then J topped it off, just when i thought it couldn't get any better than that, he popped the question and left me breathless for a moment! woot. surprise, surprise!

2011 also brought forth a whole lot of opportunities to bond with old friends and with new ones alike. with the advent of technology, and a whole lot of iPhone apps, it was so easy to connect to loved ones across the globe!

i had missed a lot though. i haven't been home except for Christmas last year (and after that i promised myself to go home at least twice every year, fingers crossed). i missed being around family, the usual banter and conversations and things you tend to take for granted as part of daily routines. i missed a whole lot of celebrations and birthdays, too. and a whole lot more. but then, i got to spend a couple of weeks during the Christmas break to spend much-needed bonding with the family. that may not make up for all the missed time, but that made the last two weeks of the year happier. :D

blessings have poured and outpoured. i am nothing but humbled and blessed. 2012 brings so much promise and hope and knowing that God's plans outweigh everything else and with Him on the reins, 2012 will definitely be a great one.

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