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Monday, March 05, 2012tee

there will come a time in person's life that you'd come to the rock-bottom realization: you're growing old.

for me, it was a gradual process - small, tiny changes around you and subtle and not-so-subtle hints like looking at yourself in the mirror and realizing that your metabolism and energy isn't the same anymore. i used to have a slow metabolism, but now it's slower: practically snail-like that it feels like whatever i shove down my mouth goes directly to my thighs! (yeah yeah, pun intended). before i can go off without sleep, but now i do not have the energy to do all-nighters - come 10.30 or 11PM, i start to yawn already. not to mention my love-hate affair with caffeine! without it for breakfast, i get drowsy come lunchtime; but with it, my hyperacidity acts up!

with the world getting smaller with the onset of social networking, you cannot help but notice the constant status changes - everybody's either changing their names and starting their happily-ever-afters or going to, and so-and-so just had their nth baby. this makes me stop and think - whoa, some of these people are even younger than me! these people used to be my playmates way back and look at all of us now - all grown up!  then comes the constant badgering and eternal question from friends and acquaintances and strangers alike - "are you married? are you getting married?". makes me stop and think if i'm already at the end of the proverbial line- so to speak. then comes the age when we're ripe for the picking, the so-called "marrying age." if i'm not mistaken when my mom was my age, she had me! but then again, as a girlfriend puts it - 35 is the new 25. so does that make me 17 again? :))

how time and youth flew by and we only come this way once and you're at your youngest today compared to tomorrow or the next years. so yeah, i'm happily (but deep down, silently cringing) 27.

i guess you cannot stop the inevitable. growing older is part of life. i used to cringe when someone tells me "27" but now, i realize it's just a number and yeah, i'm still young. taunt me all you can, number, but i ain't scared anymore! heehee! anyhow, i still consider myself young. i guess i always will. you are what you think you are. oh well, no matter what age i get, whoever's older than me, THAT is OLD. :P

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