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Wednesday, April 25, 2012tee

i don't know if i should be worried. i've been on chill-mode since i could remember about the wedding. sure, i shoot a few inquiries here and there, surf and save a few wedding inspirations, i've even managed to get a PINterest invite just to keep track of my ideas (haven't created an account yet though!), and booked most of the major suppliers, but i feel i haven't really morphed into a full-time bridezilla yet. not that i want to be one, by the way - J specifically requested that this be as stress-free as possible, stress and I do not mix really well! :D

it's just so overwhelming - putting up and planning an event (from scratch) which will serve as a pinnacle of our relationship that naturally, the OCness and perfectionist kicks in. but where do i even start? every tiny detail that needs to be done pops up and i haven't even finished with the current item yet! yesterday i was thinking of dessert buffets, then i thought of invitations, and then i thought of guestbooks.. sheesh, i completed nothing, by the way! today i was fumbling through playlists. talk about unorganized! my head's a jargon of wedding lingo, lost in all these reference materials and in front of me, and somewhere in between - there is an imaginary list of what i want to do, what i need to do and what i envision the wedding to be. boy, you sure don't wanna get inside my head- it's pretty unorganized and messy! they say that's the way artists think, i don't know if that should console me or not - i'm a programmer and the only art i do is code indentation and spacing! okay, okay, that was a (lame attempt of a) geeky pun.

does every would-be-bride go through this? i have this feeling that i have so many things to do, but i don't know where to start or how to do it! therefore, everything's so laid-back and chill lately, because though it felt there's a lot of things to do, nothing's ever done! :))

sometimes i don't feel the pressure by thinking, oh well, it's a few months away, we have all the time in the world. but then the worry-wart goes panicky thinking the days are numbered and i should really get my act going!

maybe it's time to take that long, imaginary list out of my head. the challenge is to take each idea and thought out and form something cohesive and possible. it's also time to get serious with planning. but as J so puts it, "trust that it'll just turn out fine." very optimistic guy. that makes me relax and think, oh well, there's another day for all of this. whoops! but then again, the event doesn't happen by itself, doesn't it? :D

now my head is abuzz with contracts, requirements, details, and a whole lot of stuff. this may be a lot to take in (and on), i admit; but hey, this is something that only happens once (after the wedding, i'll heave that huge, happy sigh of relief) so we'd better make the most out of this and the experience. i can't promise it'll be entirely chill and stress-free, but i'll do what i can to enjoy the planning process itself. the journey is also as fun as the destination, correct? so let's do this and keep the ball rollin'!!!

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  1. awww.. I'd love to attend your wedding jud...

  2. we'd love if you could come jud pod, marge. pressure, pressue haha :D

    see you this june!

  3. haha as if the pressure from james is not enough :p yes, see you in june!


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