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Friday, April 27, 2012tee

a quick preview on how we spent Chinese New Year 2012.

this year's CNY was on January. since we went home to the Philippines during the Christmas break, we decided to sit this one out. it was too late to book trips because prices had become too steep. good thing, Kathleen, who we lovingly call Kakat or Cat, decided to pop in for a quick visit. Since she's based on the States, we rarely saw her while we were still based in Cebu. how much more we're already in SG now, right? 

Kakat may have been the tourist and we were the one's showing her around, but between you and me, all three of us shared many firsts during this period. first Chinese New year celeb, first USS (for me and Kat), first dragon dance, first Jumbo's meal... :D

okay, i was getting ahead of myself.. back to start.

we started off with a little trip to Chinatown. where else to feel Chinese New Year but the heart of Chinatown, right? It was crammed with tourists, there was a show with Mandarin-speaking hosts, so we decided on the last minute to head to the bay area to watch the fireworks there instead. good choice, i loved the fireworks which felt to have last forever. under the rain, we stood at the platform watching the burst of colors and the magic of lights work it's charm.

next day was spent at Universal Studios Singapore. exactly not a good idea to go to the theme parks during this period. while most people in Singapore may have traveled outside of SG, those that didn't - well, they head off to Sentosa and USS. good thing despite the heavy in-flow of people, it was well anticipated and handled. hurrah to good planning for that! it was a fun-filled day at USS for us. I especially enjoyed BattleStar Galactica's Cylon and would take it anytime over the Human ride. I also had fun riding their latest attraction - Transformers 4D and I could only wish we have time to queue and ride again. that and to try the rapids ride.

then our usual staples - the Zoo, Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, Makan Sutra. at this point, J and I teased each other by now, we have a "stable itinerary" for guests. LOL :)

then back to another first - Jumbo's at Clarke Quay! Kakat had been so in love by chili crabs and cereal prawns that we ate at Makan Sutra, not once but two dinners in a row! on the third night is another chili crab night at Jumbo's restaurant overlooking Clarke Quay river. scenic, right? :) 

having Kakat around was surely heaps of fun. now we're all set to play tourist-guides again to our next visitor! :)

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