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Monday, April 02, 2012tee

a time to pause from the usual hustle and bustle to literally count my blessings.
even when life shows us the bitter and not-so-sweet side, and we are drowned by everyday trivial and non-trivial things, we should never forget to look at the sunny end - filled with positivity and happiness! there's always two sides of the coin, and it always depends on where you choose to look :)

when wedding planning takes its toll on me, or when work becomes a hum-hum, or when every day feels like a routine, or when getting out of bed every morning feels like a drag and when allergic bouts and what-have-yous decide to spurt... 

i am reminded and humbled, once again, that, i am - in my own way, blessed and should be grateful always for what i have.

i am thankful for family who have been so supportive of me and my endeavors and decisions. despite the distance, we still manage to catch up every so often, much especially now that papa has discovered 2php/min IDD and mama has discovered viber and skype! speaking of which, i should be thankful to technology too! :) no matter how grown up i feel i am, i am always a little kid in my parents' eyes, and there's always a sense of home that always pulls me back when i've wandered a little bit too far. there's no place like home, and it's truly where the heart lies. :)

i am thankful for work. despite those hum-hum days, i am reminded that i work in my chosen field, one which i decided to pursue in college because of interest. nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment when you've finally gotten that module running, or when you've crushed that bug. oh yeah, happiness that only my inner geek understands.

i am thankful for friends. friends, they say are the family you never had.

i am thankful for life. for love. for health. for good weather. for time. for a good night's rest. and for just about anything.

because truly, despite the little hiccups, we do have loads of things to be grateful for. :)

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