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Tuesday, April 24, 2012tee

i'm feeling a strong surge of emotions, a wave that needs to be stilled.

i miss home. i miss my family. whose heart wouldn't melt when mama randomly sends their pictures? or a fun picture of papa with the new pet? i teased her that the new dalmatian was papa's new daughter because both his daughters are away from home! but seriously, it was just touching, seeing a part of my papa i never noticed before. i'm not really the dog-lover kind, and i thought he wasn't either, but surprise, surprise. :)

my bro has just graduated college. yes, my little bro. the one who i used to cuddle and smell his tiny baby head (it was addicting!) and the one who i whispered to: "i wish you will be a baby forever." of course, we're not in Neverland and i never got that wish. so, fast forward 21 years after, he has now a bachelor's degree on him! talk about time moving fast! 

sis, on the other hand, is finally in Oz and like me, is away from home too. i think it's harder on her than it is with me though because SG's much nearer to Pinas and it's her first time to be literally on her own. but she's braving it out and no doubt, i know, in God's grace and guidance, she'll get through her course and land a good job!

but i guess, no matter how grown up we all are, the sense and love of family will never, ever wane. and i will always see my siblings as the kids they were, which makes me think (and presumably understand) that perhaps that's how my folks see us too - forever the little kids that we were. it follows the opposite direction too, no matter how mature and grown-up we claim to be, parents will always be the heroes we look up to.

sheesh. i am missing out on a lot of fun. and i am missing my family. i sure can't wait to go home next month! :D

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