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Monday, May 14, 2012tee

nothing says grand but the Grand Staircase.

all of us grew up knowing Titanic by heart. after all, it was immortalized by the high-grossing movie of the same title more or less a decade ago. as this year is the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, an artifact exhibition was featured at The Art Science Museum at Marina Bay. the exhibit showcases relics of the Titanic as well as a handful of information about the so-called unsinkable ship.

since we bought our tickets on the last day of the exhibit, the waiting queue was pretty long. it's so last minute of us, thinking the exhibit had been in SG since last year! well, to be honest, i never really heard of it until the last week. it was a good thing bought our tickets online, to save us the time for the ticket queue. to pass the time and entertain those waiting to get in, a group of dressed actors went around randomly talking to people, and they were dressed in 1900's outfits too. and oh the fake English accents! anyway, after what seems to be a very long time, we were finally welcomed in! finally!

we were given with boarding passes, complete with a name of passenger who was really on that maiden voyage. to add to the fun, at the end of the exhibit, you have to see the list of survivors to see if the name on your pass made it! unfortunately, all the names in our passes did not make it to the list. 

the exhibit was filled of recovered memorabilia from passengers, tools and parts of the ship, sheesh, they even had chinaware! to give an experience and idea of what the accomodations were, we were also shown a real setup of what the first-class, second-class and third-class cabins would have been. there were also setups of the open deck at night, and the dining hall. music of the 1900s was playing in the background. if not for the pushing around and the relics in class cases, you would've thought for a split-second you were on the ship. my favorite was the Grand Staircase. :) 

while we were nearing the end of the exhibit, walls were draped with narrations of survivors and how they recalled the ill-fated voyage had become. lastly, there was also a huge "iceberg" setup and you can actually touch it to feel how cold the water on that night was!

after a few twists and turns, and a whole lot of insight, our experience - it was over. but not totally yet. to culminate the end of the exhibit, lit paperboats glistened and filled the night. it was a sight to behold.

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