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Tuesday, June 19, 2012tee

05.31 - 06.04.12

coming home is always a wonderful dose of escapism mixed with reality. it's time to enjoy and take a break from the ho-hum routines of my life and spend quality time with people who matter. at the same time, it's a gentle reminder of the reality - that there's more to life than work and that no matter or wherever you may be, home is always the place to be.

for a short time, i got my dose with a short trip to Cebu and Bohol. our upcoming wedding somehow becomes more real and exciting when i'm there - scheming with my mom, and planning or meeting with suppliers. it's always good to have someone to bounce my ideas and pegs to.. and collaborate it into something greater than i can ever envision myself... gosh, i am soooo excited! all the teeny details are starting to form and i was giddy - just this close to shaking J and telling him over and over again - "we're really doing this!" and he's looking at me weirdly as if to say, "i know! did you just realize that?" hahaha :D

at the same time, a trip to the Philippines wouldn't be complete without quality time with family and time at the beach. i enjoyed the endless conversations, banter, and loads of good food! it was family bonding 101, albeit the compressed time. because the sis is away (it actually felt weird going home without her, boo..), we kept on skyping each other as a family.. and all of us in our end were already crammed up, trying so hard to fit into the screen! and the beach... well, nothing that i can say will do justice to the beaches in the Phils. on a spur, we went to Panglao Blue Water Resort and enjoyed our time taking loads pictures, touring around, and just lounging by the shore.. and oh, Mama stalking Kris A. too! :D

an f4k get-together is always inevitable, and while it's weird that the lesser all of us become, i could swear my stomach ached the entire dinner and our voices reverberated the restaurant that night. yeah, with just 5 of us. so for a moment, imagine what 15 of us can do!

f4k @ Big Mao. smiling, because we're already full. :))

lastly, one last agenda for this break: P + J's big day! what can i say, we make the most of everything!it was a very meaningful, touching and spirit-filled ceremony as P and J exchanged vows and start their new life as husband as wife. it was a good time also to catch up with J's high school friends.

and now, here i am back to my usual reality, reminiscent of the latest vacay, smiling and looking forward for the next one.

to end this post, i'm posting the biggest motivator of all times, food - all the food we've missed, we've managed to eat all we could during this break. food-trip indeed!
a series of foodtrips with the family. happiness! :)

QT lunch with the pyansi at Dessert Factory. Dessert Factory was always one of our favorite date night go-to's. :)

Big Mao treat!

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