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A (Night) Walk To Remember

Saturday, June 23, 2012tee


The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Park is perhaps one of SG's most kept secrets in terms of nature. Compared to the Botanic Garden and other parks, this one is not that famous - even the taxi driver did not know where to take us! :) Anyhow, we chanced upon it because one of our DG members, Joey, is working there. As an activity, we went there to trek and enjoy God's creation - nature at its preserved form, in the dark.

We spent a couple and a half hours of trekking in trails in the dark, with nothing but headlights, flashlights on. Armed with insect repellents, and our guides, we walked around, surveying the trees and pathways, looking for signs of animals and/or insects. It was eerie at first, listening to the sounds of crickets and bats in the background. plus the signage we passed by had the signs "do not feed the monkeys" - thhis made me on the lookout for any wise-guy monkey who'd take my things away (as they had warned, but none show up). up and down the rocky (and sometimes muddy) trail we went, all in the name of fun, night survey, and in appreciation of creation. :>

Shots taken from Joe's page.

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