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Sunday, July 01, 2012tee

Train, Marina Bay Sands Theater

I've always enjoyed listening to Train's music. 
Who hasn't heard of Drops of Jupiter or hadn't hummed along with Hey Soul Sister ?
and of course Marry Me... 
shhh, i've once put Marry Me on repeat when it came out! (of course on headphones, J hadn't popped the question by then, i wouldn't want him getting the wrong ideas, like me being too desperate! :D )

so when i knew they were coming to SG to promote their newest album California 37, i was ecstatic! i badgered and made pa-cute to J, asking him please, please, please... let's go! it wasn't that hard convincing him, either i was that cute or he knew i was a lost cause! then i told L, who convinced K.. and then there we were.. a double date at a Train concert!

i sang along, tapped, clapped, and sang once more. to the point i've told my friends who asked how the concert was that maybe, J paid way too much just to hear me sing. haha!

but seriously, it was definitely worth the time. all 90 minutes of it. i could only wish it was more.. oh well, that's what MP3 and repeats are for! ;)

after concert pose by the stage. no photography was allowed during the concert. :D
 Hey soul sisters! - James, me, Luchee and Kenneth

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