when words seem to fail

Tuesday, July 17, 2012tee

just saddened to hear about a friend's loss. it was delicate pregnancy, and they had to terminate because it as found out it was an ectopic one.

no amount of words seem sufficient enough to express how sorry and saddened we are at the loss. i try to fumble and scramble with the appropriate words to say, but then that nagging "why?" will seem to interrupt mid-thought.

after letting it seep through and sit through for a couple of days, finally grasped what my minute mind was trying to comprehend. i can never "fix" anything. i can never make it right with what i try to say or do. i can never compose the perfect words to somehow ease and take away someone's suffering/pain.

somehow, i find it to be yet another reminder of God's sovereignty. sometimes things will not go our own way. unfortunate things happen to good people, even to His people. but that doesn't mean that His love and power is less. or that our faith and trust in Him should become less. i could only pray that may He give us the grace to continually praise Him and even more so in tough and disheartening times.

all i can do is be there to encourage, support, and pray. as Ptr. Chris always says, "do not say i'll JUST pray. never underestimate prayer. prayer is a very powerful weapon and the only best thing you can do!" and so in the end, after a few words of encouragement, we pray. only He can provide the comfort and healing that we all need, much especially to those who are in a low point in their lives.

You are the Lord of the sunshine, and also the Lord of the rain. May we put our trust in You Lord and continue to praise you, more even and earnestly so with Your empowering grace, when hardships and trials come into our lives. may we always stay anchored and lean back on You even when life's storms try to sway us away.

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