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Thursday, August 02, 2012tee

June 29, 2012
Gardens by the Bay

I have always liked Jason Mraz's songs. They have soul, beat, catchy and at some point or the other, at least at one point of your life, you'll totally relate to at least one of his songs. And best of all, can be sung by someone who's vocally-challenged like me! :)

To promote his LOVE is a four-letter word album in the grand opening of Garden's by the Bay, Jason Mraz visited SG and we got to hear him sing live, all 2.5 hours of it! :) J did not object much when I asked him to buy tickets for us, because between you and me, I think he's a fan too.. hihi. Plus, a couple of Jason Mraz's songs Lucky and I'm Yours sort of hold some meaning and history for us. yah i know... cheesy! :)

It was a packed night, and to be quite honest, it could've been handled and organized better. but oh well, Jason Mraz dancing crazily, rhyming nonsensically, singing heartily or gibberishly (and the crowd echoing after him) and playing instrument from instrument on stage, well.. I could say is entertaining and worth it.

J and I held hands, sang along, hummed along, swayed along.. It felt like we were highschool sweethearts out on a date and watching a concert. Really.

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