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my first ever run. EVER.

Saturday, August 11, 2012tee

Jurong Lake Run
July 8, 2012
i am not the sporty nor the athletic type. i want to stress that statement to emphasize how important this milestone is for me. haha! seriously, growing up i was one who'd rather stay indoors than go outside and play. i barely last an hour if i go outside because mosquitoes feast on me and secondly, for some reasons i cannot run in as far as a real run is concerned. i usually end up catching my breath and unable to breathe in the next few meters or so. with that, imagine the torture i put up myself while travelling in europe, climbing castles and running around catching trains with long-legged men who are healthy and active as opposed to me! up to date, my teammate teases me by mimicking me on that time we were running in the cold, trying to catch our train and barely making it on time. (he mimics me by panting, by the looks of it almost about to collapse, haha)

on the drive for a healthier lifestyle, J and I try to run often (at least walk or sprint for me) but unfortunately, being lazy and all, we always find an excuse not to (the rain is a favorite reason) ! it's a shame really, living just beside the huge park. 

here are some photos of my first even run. i just joined the 3K fun-run. 
what was fun was that after the run, there was an event and a carnival where booths and games were set-up, and everything was for free. the event organizers had prepared series of activities for the participants. if i hadn't known, it looks like it wasn't a run at all! they were giving out icecream and you can go to the photobooth and have your photos taken for free!

 A run with the lunch buddies. :)

J+K, ready to (run)rumble! J did the 6K, i did the 3K.

3k - it was a breeze, maybe because there was no pressure to it and i was doing it with friends. maybe i'll try the 5K next time and see where it goes from there. ;)

our photobooth moment.

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