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Wednesday, September 05, 2012tee

my countdown says it's officially 99 days to go!

i look back from the time i first started out with my planning and i can honest-to-goodness say that i am now in a better position than when i first started. entering the wedding world as a bride-to-be is like being welcomed into a whole new world of lingo, terminologies, to-dos, lists and the most important - the who's who and the's easy to get lost, confused with all the lists, to-do's, reference materials, etc, etc, etc. 

i sit back and ponder at the tidbits i have learned for the past months while planning and hopefully, this will help out someone out there too. now that the wedding day looms near, i can honestly say that i am more equipped now. i could only hope to learn all these things before i started wedding planning. maybe, the stress in supplier-meetings, decision-making would have been significantly reduced. not that it was very stressful because like i said, most of the time it was just being bridechilla. but we've had a few bumps on the road too and there are some days that the bridezilla in me takes over. and while i can no longer go back and restart again with my planning, maybe my little tidbits can be of use to someone out there too. so hopefully, when this wedding will be over, and i can finally finish my other backlogs (my travel blogs - i know, i know !), i just might do a couple or so posts on everything about weddings. do you want to read some more? yes, yes??? :D

contemplating on adding a new section on wedding planning, suppliers and lessons learned during the preparation process. and maybe add up a series on supplier reviews and recommendations as well, based on our experience. oh, once i have the time!:D

and if ever you're on the same boat as i am (the-getting-married-boat), happy planning! enjoy it while you can! 

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